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Skirt Conveyor belts are continuously subject to wear and tear no matter what industry they're operating in — be it mining, construction, or general materials handling applications. In order to alleviate the effect rough materials can have on Skirt Conveyor belts, engineers have tended towards the use of Skirt Conveyor belt scrapers.

Our conveyor belt cleaners are specially designed to help keep your conveyors running efficiently and consistently, so you reduce maintenance costs, work safer, and save money. From precleaners and secondary cleaners to specialty cleaners developed for select applications, we have numerous options to help you minimize carryback.

Skirt Conveyor belt scrapers are typically installed parallel to the opposite direction of the material flow, and are pressed against the drum in front of the Skirt Conveyor pulley in order to perform their 'scraping' cleaning function below the discharge zone.